RSF Managed Services, LLC - 'Your Professional IMS Support Team'
RSF provides as much or as little that you may need.  We offer very competitive rates compared to hiring a full time employee. Our rates and Services are customized to your organization and the amount of support your organization needs to run your business.  
Call or email to request information regarding our rates and support.
IMS Database Administration
  • 24/7 availability of at least 2 DBAs
  • IMS DBA Emergency Support
  • IMS DBA Absence Coverage
  • Disaster Recovery Test Support (Remote and/or Onsite)
  • Database Reorganization support
  • Production database replication to other environments
Production to Test
Production to Support
Production to BTS database
Test to QA
  • Code and GEN PSBs, DBDs, ACBs
  • Interface with IMS System Programmers to define/modify Transactions, Programs, Databases
  • Support of all IMS database types and organizations
Full Function
Partitioned (PDF and HALDB) 
Fast Path
  • Consult with other teams regarding best practices.
IMS Systems Support
  • IMS Software Support
Perform Upgrades to IMS Software
Research IMS & OS Maintenance
Research IMS software failures
Support OS Upgrades
  • Perform IMS TRANSACTION Performance reviews using your monitors
  • Interface with DBA's to define/modify Transactions, Programs, Databases
  • Interface with other System teams to maintain highest level of IMS performance  
  • Disaster Recovery Test Support (Remote and/or Onsite)
  • Support DBCTL in a CICS environment
  • Set up DBCTL to handle IMS calls (EXEC DLI and CALL ‘CBLTDLI’) from CICS      
  • Update the CICS environment to successfully access IMS databases
  • IMS MPRs: Support existing control regions/DLI as well as create new MPRs Includes start up and shut down instructions to enable existing staff to bring up these environments as needed
IMS Utility Training
  • Provide IMS utilities training to your DBA staff
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